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Allocasuarina littoralis

Common Name: Black Sheoak
Synonym: Casuarina littoralis
Family: Casuarinaceae
Size: 5-12m x 2-6m
Description: Upright dark green tree with fissured bark. Trees are male or female.
Leaves: Leaves are reduced to rings of teeth along fine branchlets. Furrows along branchlets downy. 6-8 erect teeth, not overlapping.
Flowering: Dark brown male flower spikes 5-50mm long at end of branchlets; female flowers stalkless, along side branches. Fruit cones to 3cm, flattened on top.
Flower Colour: Male - dark brown; female - red
Flowering Time: March to June
Growing Conditions: Well drained clay and rocky soils of open forests and woodlands within the Shire. Light frosts. Full sun, semi shade.
Garden Use: Windbreaks. Male plants are attractive in flower, fruit of female plants attract larger parrots and cockatoos. Trunks are excellent to hang epiphytic orchids.
Related Species:
Plant Communities: 17, 18, 22, 25, 26, 27, 29, 31, 38
Conservation Status: Locally common within its preferred growing conditions
Aboriginal Use: Food - shoots and young cones; Wood - weapons
Commercially available: Generally
Bird Attracting: Seeds, insects
Butterfly Attracting: Food plant for caterpillars
Frog Habitat: No
Photographer: Marilyn Gray ©
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