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Imperata cylindrica

Common Name: Blady Grass
Family: Poaceae
Size: 0.3-0.7m high, stems to 1m high
Description: Coarse, erect perennial grass, spreading vigorously from underground stems. Flowering stem erect.
Leaves: Narrow, flat, mottled pale green leaves to 60cm x 1.5cm. Midrib prominent, margins finely serrated. Silky hairs at nodes and above sheath projection.
Flowering: Dense, fluffy cylindrical spike-like flowerhead 7-20cm long. Pairs of 2-flowered spikelets, one stalked, one stalkless, hidden by long silky hairs on back of and below lower pair of bracts. Does not always flower.
Flower Colour: White
Flowering Time: November to March
Growing Conditions: Moist well drained soils in moist and heathy woodland and lowland forest. Full sun, semi shade.
Garden Use: An ornamental grass with attractive flowerheads which appear more commonly after fire. Use as an understorey in moist areas. Important habitat plant.
Related Species:
Plant Communities: 12, 18, 22, 29, 30, 33
Conservation Status: Locally common within its preferred growing conditions
Aboriginal Use:
Commercially available: Indigenous nursery
Bird Attracting: No
Butterfly Attracting: Food plant for caterpillars
Frog Habitat: Yes
Photographer: 1 Colleen Miller ©; 2 David Blair ©
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